[MLUG] perl, postgres, and Russian UTF-8

Alexus Black alexusblack на gmail.com
Пн Май 12 00:31:33 MSD 2008

Hi Zb I'm perl programmer , as I know in Linux it work's , and in perl/tk I
use :
use utf8;

It work and I haven't any problems with it in my aps.

P.S. sorry for my English

10 мая 2008 г. 2:02 пользователь Zbigniew Koziol <softquake на gmail.com>

> Уважаемые,
> As some of you may remember, I am going to live in Russia some day
> soon. I know Russian but I can not type.
> I am quite good in perl. But I had no idea that it is so enormously
> difficult to program in perl when using UTF-8 encoding. I learn that
> slowly and painfully. Actually, the problem concerns, probably, also
> other programming languages, possibly PHP too, and other as well. What
> may be obvious for many of you is not obvious to me, however.
> I was thinking that there must be good perl programmers here on this
> list who already know solutions to problems and these solutions might
> even be obvious for them. Thats why I am asking.
> Are there perhaps libraries/packages around that help to deal with
> UTF-8 and perl, especially in context of Russian language? For
> instance, I would happily use an existing library for converting to
> uppercase or lowercase (actually, these I already wrote myself; this
> is just an example).  But another example: how to take a substring of
> a string when input string may contain both UTF-8 Russian characters
> and ASCII ? Thats very tricky! Postgres for instance expects fixed
> length strings for varchar but I see that I can not just cut the
> string after fixed length bytes because that will often cut one of
> bytes that belongs to two-byte code and smart postgres programmers do
> not allow inserting a s*hit to database...
> I would appreciate some advise.
> zb.
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