[MLUG] a free blog space on Russian servers?

Zbigniew Koziol softquake на gmail.com
Вт Окт 12 19:17:02 MSD 2010

  Could you please suggest a place in Russia, free, similar to 
wordpress.com, to have a blog with political discussions? wordpress.com 
is too restrictive. There are a few cases already when they removed 
blogs after receiving complaints from Poland. That free world is not 
really free.

I have a bunch of virtual friends who have views not so politically 
correct and I love to discuss with them. The site is : 
http://marucha.wordpress.com . While it happens that some participants 
in discussions have opinions not friendly towards Russia, in general the 
site is rather strongly pro-Russian (no doubt - it has been noticed by 
FSB, I know something on that). The owner of the site is afraid however 
that it may be shut down by wordpress.


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