[MLUG] a free blog space on Russian servers?

Животнев Влад inkvizitor68sl на gmail.com
Вт Окт 12 19:33:19 MSD 2010

i think, you can use something like vkontakte.ru (vk.com) to discuss
sth with known round of persons.
About free blog space... official hosters will not do it for your, as
there no any interest here for them (resources like  ubuntu.ru can
find free hosting easy only)
also we have something free bolg-platforms, but all of them have rules
about political topics.

12 октября 2010 г. 18:45 пользователь Zbigniew Koziol
<softquake на gmail.com> написал:
> Could you please suggest a place in Russia, free, similar to wordpress.com,
> to have a blog with political discussions? wordpress.com is too restrictive.
> There are a few cases already when they removed blogs after receiving
> complaints from Poland. That free world is not really free.
> I have a bunch of virtual friends who have views not so politically correct
> and I love to discuss with them. The site is : http://marucha.wordpress.com
> . While it happens that some participants in discussions have opinions not
> friendly towards Russia, in general the site is rather strongly pro-Russian
> (no doubt - it has been noticed by FSB, I know something on that). The owner
> of the site is afraid however that it may be shut down by wordpress.
> Regards,
> zb.
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